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Privacy and Information Security @ APSC


Together, we can make a big difference in protecting personal information online. As member of the Applied Science community you can do your part to be informed and to use the services available to secure your information.

Protecting personal information is a FIPPA and UBC requirement

Under the Freedom of Information Privacy and Protection Act (FIPPA), UBC is required to protect personal privacy by prohibiting the unauthorized collection, use or disclosure of personal information. As a faculty, staff, research assistant or teaching assistant, you are required to make reasonable security arrangement to safeguard personal information.

Selecting the right services for your work

Today, users have many options and easy access to IT services from the cloud. It is important when choosing the right service for your work to know the vendor, what information is being stored and where the data is hosted.  To ensure compliance with FIPPA regulations, use services that are hosted in Canada and if possible hosted within the University Data Centre, specifically for email, storage, application and webhosting.

Securing access to protect your information

With a large constituent of researchers and graduate students in Applied Science, the need for online collaboration is critical and significant. In the nature of our work, we may need to share information with others which increases the chance of our systems being vulnerable to attacks and exposing personal information. Security incidents are typically due to malicious attacks and poor data handling, which compromises operating systems.  These incidents have financial and reputational impact to UBC. It is important that you keep yourself informed and have access to resources to make reasonable security arrangement to protect your information, such as encryption and malware protection services.

How We Can Help


In partnership with UBCIT and Applied Science Dean's Office, IT @ APSC teams can provide assistance on how to protect personal information and how you can to secure your devices.  Through UBC's Privacy Matters initiative, many resources are available to staff and faculty including training courses, tools and support to help you be informed and armed. Your IT @ APSC teams at can be contacted for any direct requests for encryption, backup, patching, file sharing options or security incident reporting.  For general questions regarding this UBC initiative, please contact IT.Engagement@apsc.ubc.ca.

Privacy Matters @ UBC

Keeping information safe is a shared responsibility, even the simplest actions can make a big impact. Together we can keep our information secure.

IT @ APSC Security Tips

Security tips for staff, faculty and graduate students who perform and support teaching and research work. Consult with the IT @ APSC team to request for assistance.