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Computers Labs

IT @ APSC provides support for computer labs in the engineering departments and schools. We work closely with engineering and technical services group to maintain and refresh the lab each school term.

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The IT @ APSC Team works closely with the faculty members, Engineering Services and IT Committees to gather the requirements for hardware and software refresh to get the computer labs ready for each new term. In general, for most of the Applied Science department and school labs follow a common refresh process. For annual refresh, the general planning and implementation takes place during the June to August timeframe to allow ample time for hardware and software provisioning, setup, imaging, testing and deployment. Some departments also have second refresh for the January school term.  For questions about our Computer Lab Refresh Approach, please contact IT.Engagement@apsc.ubc.ca.


Printing Facilities

For general or specialty printing, in addition to the department printing offering, UBC Print Shop and Xerox Print Services are available conveniently on campus. The information below provides general information of printing facilities available to the public and specifically for students. Restricted departmental printing resources are not included in this list.

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PAY FOR PRINT (PayForPrint Service)

  • Print jobs can easily be submitted from public access workstations in the library, participating departmental student labs, or online at http://payforprint.ubc.ca
  • Students, faculty and staff will need to first activate and add funds to a UBC card account in order to utilize the Pay for Print service. Accounts can be activated at http://ubccard.ubc.ca or http://payforprint.ubc.ca
  • Most students will need to update their CWL password before using the Pay for Print service. You can reset your CWL password on the CWL My Account page
  • Learn about Koerner Library Print and Scan services


  • UBC Pay for Print allows students, faculty and staff as well as guests to the University to pay for printing, copying and scanning across campus using a unified system of payment – the UBC Card or UBC Guest Card. Print jobs can be submitted from labs, public access computers as well as online at http://payforprint.ubc.ca.


  • UBC Print Shop - located centrally on campus, the IT Print Services offers printing for poster, banner, premium photos and on a variety of materials. In addition they also have design services for illustration, layout services and UBC Brand Unit Signatures. 
  • Xerox Printing Centre on campus provides print order services for business cards, wide format, finishing and volume printing for black/white and colour. Campus delivery is available.


Learning Technology Hub (LTHub)

The Learning Technology Hub is a central resource where faculty and staff can explore the learning technology tools available to them at UBC - for use in traditional classrooms, blended courses, and fully online learning.

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Creative Studios

Faculty and staff who are looking for creative services and production studios can find options conveniently on campus.  For educational projects the APSC Centre for Instructional Support group (located in the CEME building) and UBC Studios can be consulted for services suitable to your needs. Many of the facilities are bookable to make it flexible for those who are interested in trying a DIY project and help is always close by.  

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APSC CIS Production Studios

The Centre for Instructional Support (CIS) provides assistance with video production to help take your teaching to the next level. UBC and CIS now offer free software and resources that let you easily create screencasts, narrated PowerPoints and engaging whiteboard animations for your teaching projects.

UBC Studios

UBC Studios is an on-campus digital media production unit serving the UBC community, offering end-to-end creative media production and support services. The studios feature advanced equipment and experienced staff delivering award-winning digital media projects in the areas of education, research and communication. With support from the provost office, UBC Studios has recently setup new educational media support services and studios for all UBC faculty and staff. A hands on studio tour can be arranged to introduce you to their new services including:

  • Video Production
  • Graphics and Print
  • Motion Graphics and Animation
  • Audio Recording Suite
  • Lightboard and DIY Studio
  • One Button Studio and Live Hit

UBC MediaMakers (DIY)

This website is a resource for anyone looking for more direction on how to create their own DIY media project. There is access to UBC Digital Media Community of Practice and an online resource (DIY Media Community of Learning) for those that would like to collaborate the share their DIY projects.

Equipment and Rentals


Learning Spaces, Buildings and Classrooms

The Learning Spaces Team works together to improve existing spaces and create new spaces across UBC’s Vancouver campus. These new or improved learning spaces feature innovative AV systems, collaborative furniture, and other amenities that support UBC’s Flexible Learning priorities and generally enhance the teaching and learning environment. 

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University Data Centre

The University Data Centre (UDC) in the new Pharmaceutical Sciences Building, is a  Service Offering providing Core Computing infrastructure space for Researchers and Faculty/Administrative units with clearly defined and scalable costs. The UDC is a 5000 sq. ft. facility with a 110 Data Rack capacity, the facility also has a designated Maintenance and Staging area for tenants to work on their equipment as required. Contact IT.Engagement@apsc.ubc.ca to learn more about this service for researchers.