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How We Can Help 


The IT @ APSC team offers researchers a wide range of support and services including technical consultation for research initiatives.  The scope of the services include general computing needs, network and data security, access to compute and storage, network accounts, hardware and software quotes and installation.  Working with UBC Advanced Research Computing (ARC) team, we facilitate connections with experts to help researcher on their grant application, assist access to shared infrastructure and software, and many more resources.  We are looking forward to discussing your research IT needs, to get you started and find sustainable solutions. Our support leverages experts within our campus and readily available services and resources within UBCIT. For a free IT consultation, please contact IT.Engagement@apsc.ubc.ca and for any general IT requests contact your department IT Helpdesk.


Free IT Infrastructure Consultation

Whether you are starting a new project or looking for assistance for your current IT environment, the IT @ APSC team is here to discuss your needs and to offer you with infrastructure options for sustainable solutions.  Contact your APSC IT team to start the consultation.

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Some of our general consultation cover infrastructure components:

  • Virtual servers and file storage
  • Data management - backup and archive
  • Specialized storage - NDA and PHI data, secure transfer and access
  • Networking and data security
  • Group accounts 
  • Print services
  • Web creation and hosting options


Grant Consultation

When planning for a grant application, there are many groups on campus that can provide consultation on the technical specifications and plan for your research project related to compute software and hardware, audio visual, creative media and web services.

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Contact the IT Engagement team to connect for specific consultation and estimates for your project:

  • Advanced Research Computing (high performance computing)
  • General IT infrastructure hardware/software - IT @ APSC
  • Creative Media Services - UBC Studios
  • Audio Visual and Conferencing - UBC IT AV Services
  • Websites - UBC IT Web Services


Advanced Research Computing (ARC)

The IT @ APSC team collaborates with UBC Advanced Research Computing team to provide free service supporting the high performance computing and data management needs of UBC researchers. They have an experienced and dedicated team that provides consultation, expertise and access to Digital Research Infrastructure. 

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ARC Consultation & Support:

  • Grant proposals - CFI
  • Systems hardware
  • Research data management
  • Data privacy & security

ARC High Performance Computing Access:

  • WestGrid computing resources 
  • Data storage and sharing
  • Visualization
  • Data research management


Equipment & Resources

IT @ APSC team supports a number of shared services available to researchers within the Applied Science and UBC IT infrastructure.  Availability to resources may vary depending on your requirements, the department's IT offerings and expertise.  Depending on the type and level of service required, many offerings are available at no cost to researchers.

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Contact us to request or inquire about some typical services and support used by researchers include:

  • Hardware provisioning
  • Software provisioning
  • Co-location at UBC Data Centre
  • Audio and video conference
  • Storage management
  • Document management
  • Server hosting
  • License server hosting
  • Research lab computing support (imaging, refresh, general support)
  • Website creation and maintenance
  • System administration 

Not finding what you need, contact IT @ APSC for your specific requirements.


Collaboration Tools

In today's research environment, remote collaboration is a critical requirement for researchers to connect and share with a wide range of colleagues at many different locations. Many research projects are also interdisciplinary and spans many disparate research groups. Collaboration tools are becoming increasingly important to facilitate teams to work effectively together.  We are starting to gather information and resources to build an array of collaborative tools for the community at Applied Science.

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Some collaboration resources and tools include:

  • Video conferencing services
  • Audio teleconference bridge
  • FASmail - Faculty and Staff Mail 
  • Mailing list
  • Workspace file sharing
  • Document sharing and workflow - SharePoint
  • Web services - CTLT Blogs, Wikis, and WordPress
  • Publishing tools - UBC Library


Partnerships & Networks

As part of UBCIT, the Applied Science IT teams work closely with research support teams on campus to offer more services for researchers. As demand increases, many groups have relationships with other HPC consortia, institutions and organizations to bring greater connectivity and collaboration amongst research networks and for potential partnership in research grants. We will inform you of these resources as we learn more of their services and the interest in the Faculty.

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Advanced Research Computing (ARC)

The ARC team provides free service supporting the high performance computing and data management needs of UBC researchers. They have an experienced and dedicated team that provides consultation, expertise and access to research data infrastructure. 


WestGrid is one of four regional organizations working in partnership with Compute Canada. WestGrid brings together advanced research computing facilities, research data management services, and a network of technical experts to serve a user community of researchers across the country. WestGrid's users range in discipline from the sciences and engineering to arts and humanities. WestGrid works collaboratively with 15 partner institutions across British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. 

Compute Canada

Compute Canada, in partnership with regional organizations ACENET, Calcul Québec, Compute Ontario and WestGrid, leads the acceleration of research and innovation by deploying state-of-the-art advanced research computing (ARC) systems, storage and software solutions. Together we provide essential ARC services and infrastructure for Canadian researchers and their collaborators in all academic and industrial sectors.

CARL Portage

Portage is a national, library-based research data management network that coalesces initiatives in research data management to build capacity and to coordinate activities better. Portage was launched in 2015 by the Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL). The aim of Portage is to coordinate and expand existing expertise, services, and infrastructure so that all academic researchers in Canada have access to the support they need for research data management. Portage operations are organized around two major components: Network of Expertise and Infrastructure Platforms.


CANARIE strengthens Canadian leadership in science and technology by delivering digital infrastructure to support world-class research that directly benefits all Canadians. Twelve provincial and territorial network partners, together with CANARIE, collectively form Canada’s National Research and Education Network (NREN). Beyond the network, CANARIE funds and promotes reusable research software tools to accelerate scientific discovery.