Due to recent global events, in cases the university may direct employees to work remotely. Our Work Remotely page will assist you with helpful resources.

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Request an Account

For Yourself

You are a new faculty or staff member

For Those New to UBC

If you are a new employee to UBC, you will receive an email when you are hired asking you to create a CWL.  Please click on the link in this email and follow the steps. Here is an example of the email you will receive.

Already Have a CWL?

It is possible that you may already have a CWL from a current or previous affiliation with UBC. The university assigns only one CWL account per person.  If you currently have a CWL, you can add your employee number that you receive from your hiring manager to your current CWL. If you think you may have created an additional CWL account by mistake, we encourage you to submit a ticket to combine your multiple CWL accounts.

For Faculty and Staff in Electrical and Computer Engineering

You may be interested in obtaining additional services provided by your department if you are employed by Mechanical Engineering or Electrical and Computer Engineering, please see our Electrical and Computer Engineering Accounts page.

You are a new, prospective student, or an alumna/alumnus

Current or Prospective Students

Please refer to the instructions provided by the Student Services Centre. You can create a CWL as a student if you have your student number and SSC password.


Please refer to the Alumni UBC website for more information.

For Electrical and Computer Engineering Students

You may wish to access additional services if the course section or program you are enrolled/specializing is Electrical and Computing Engineering, please see our Electircal and Computer Engineering Accounts page.

You are a visitor

In order to get a CWL account, you will need to ask a faculty or staff member to sponsor you. You may wish to send them the link on How to Sponsor a CWL Guest.

For Another

For a new faculty or staff member

All new faculty and staff will recieve an email allowing them to create a CWL. This email is initiated when your Applied Science unit's HR contact completes the new employee's appointment with central HR. If HR has completed the appointment and the new employee has not yet recieved their CWL sign-up email, we suggest that the new employee check their email spam filters on their personal email account.

For a guest or contractor

If you are a UBC Faculty or Staff, you can request a CWL for a guest or contractor. Please read How to Sponsor a Guest.

For a student employee

Often times a UBC student will obtain employment at UBC, which will require an active appointment with Human Resources. A student that has become an employee will receive an employee number and will need to add their employee number to their CWL account. UBC assigns only one CWL per person, a student who becomes an employee will not need to create an additional account.

For a student

When joining the university, students must create a student CWL account which entitles them to certain services, such as accessing Student and Alumni Email, Connect, or Library services. Typically, you would not normally need to request a CWL for a student since they would create one automatically.

In some cases, it is possible that an Applied Science unit may sponsor their students for an employee CWL account in order to access services such as FASMail or Workspace, even though the student is not considered an employee. If you are a UBC faculty or staff member and you would like to request additional services for a student account, please contac the IT Help Desk for more information. UBC assigns only one CWL per person, a student who requests to access services normally meant for employees will not need an additional CWL.