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IT @ APSC Security Tips

Security Tips For Staff, Faculty and Grad Students



Use UBC FASmail service when conducting work related to teaching, research and administration

Use secure UBC servers with backup to store your data such as Workspace, Teamshare, SharePoint, HomeDrive or network file share

Be aware of privacy requirements when using cloud services hosted outside of Canada (e.g. Dropbox, Gmail, Facebook)


Encrypt your mobile devices and use anti-virus software

Protect your password and do not share your account with others

Use secured connections when sharing files or working remotely and always use VPN when using open wifi or public computers


Be vigilant about phishing attacks such as request for user information, suspicious links and attachments

Perform a Privacy Impact Assessment for any new application or initiative involving personal information

Consult with IT @ APSC on any security requirements or concerns


When administering systems ensure OS and firmware patches are applied regularly to reduce vulnerability of external facing applications

Remove sensitive data before recycling and repurposing your computer