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Computer Lab Refresh

The general annual refresh cycle for computer labs in most Applied Science departments and schools follows a series of scheduled tasks and coordination between groups.  This process helps the team plan in advance with client groups and internal UBC IT teams.

General Tasks:

  1. Requirements gathering to confirm the software and hardware refresh requirements from faculty for the labs
  2. Software & hardware procurement to acquire new software and hardware which requires funding approval & lead time
  3. Lab imaging & deployment to create the new computer image and to roll it out to the specific labs
  4. User account setup to ensure appropriate student account access and their affiliated services are in place
  5. Computer lab acceptance test to have faculty/lab technician perform user acceptance test of the refreshed lab environment


  • Larger hardware and software refresh takes place between June - August
  • Smaller software update may take place during December to early January


1. Requirements Gathering

  • Confirm list of software requirements
  • Confirm hardware and peripheral specifications
  • Confirm storage, account and printing requirements
  • Finalize approval and funding from Department/School Administration and IT Committee


2. Software & Hardware Procurement

  • Procure hardware and peripherals (at least 3-4 weeks lead time)
  • Procure new software, renewal of subscriptions
  • Obtain installation media/downloads
  • Faculty may obtain software and provide license information and media to IT Team


3. Lab Imaging and Deployment

  • Create lab images
  • Update license server
  • Perform compatibility test of new lab image, working with Lab Technicians as required
  • Deploy lab images to computers
  • Secure assets
  • Update inventory & documentation
  • Decommission old computers


4. User Account Setup 

  • Confirm student lists and validate permission and access
  • Setup/verify user accounts and profiles, as required
  • Setup/verify lab services (storage, print, etc.)


5. Computer Lab Acceptance Test

  • Complete lab user acceptance test performed by faculty member, Lab Technicians, and/or IT Tech Student Representatives
  • Order supplies and set up preventative maintenance service on printers and plotters, as required
  • Confirm lab environment readiness for new term