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Compare Website Services

Comparison of Campus Web Service Offerings

Feature CTLT CMS CTLT Blogs UBC IT Bronze Tier Hosting UBC IT Web Services
Platform Wordpress Wordpress Systems expertise needed Drupal
Design & Themes UBC Common Look & Feel

Various standard themes available

Custom themes requestable

Design expertise needed Built to your specifications
Security & Updates Fully Managed Fully Managed

Supporting platform is managed

CMS (if used) are self-managed

Fully Managed

Not available for custom domain names

Systems expertise needed
Custom UBC Domain
Support More information More information Web hosting platform is supported Full support
Form Designer Depends on CMS
Website Migration Migrate content Migrate content Supports migrating CMS and content Per project
Availability Faculty, staff, and students Faculty, staff and students Faculty and staff Faculty and staff
Cost Free Free $100 per year Per project
  Get Started Get Started Get Started

Get Started

Are you still not sure about what service to select? Contact IT@APSC to ask a question about what web solution might be best for you.


Domain Names


Departmental Sub-Domains

For websites that associated with a single department in the Faculty of Applied Science, at the discretion of the unit you will be able to request yoursite.department.ubc.ca. Please submit a ticket to request a domain for your website. There is no cost for this service.

Third Level Domains

Occasionally, there are units, centres, research projects, and other teams that share resources and do not wish to be associated with a single UBC department. These groups may be eligible for a third-level domain: yoursite.ubc.ca.  For details on eligibility requirements and the request process, please read more. There is no cost for this service.


Privacy and Security


If you're a faculty or staff member creating a website or thinking about migrating their website,


Some websites may contain private information that UBC is required to keep private by law. If you are building a website and are unsure, please contact us for assistance.

Contact IT@APSC


When you create a public website, you will be exposed to malicious attackers from all over the world. Most people choose a fully managed solution to ensure security. Not sure? Contact us.

Contact IT@APSC


If your website is compromised, please report it as soon as possible. A compromised website may affect more than just you. For more information, please see how to report a security incident.

Report Security Incident