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Information on ANSYS

All ANSYS simulation tools are available to all engineering students and faculty at the University of British Columbia. This includes, but is not limited to:

How to Access ANSYS Simulation

Please visit the ANSYS Download Server (only available on UBC networks) to obtain the software and license server details.

License Types

UBC currently has a large number of teaching & learning licenses which have node and/or element limitations, as well as dedicated research licenses without these node limits.

The current research licenses obtained by UBC are restricted to UBC faculty, staff, and graduate students. Teaching licenses are available to the UBC community without restrictions as long as agree to the End User License Agreement which will be present when you install the software.

Note: the current research licenses will expire July 31 2020. There is no plan to renew these licenses at this time. If you believe you may need licenses past this date please contact it.engagement@apsc.ubc.ca to provide more information about your specific needs. While there is no cost for using research licenses at this time, in the future there may be costs after UBC's evaluation period is over.

How to Access ANSYS Manuals (Windows)

The product manuals are included within the product installation media, for example:

  • From ANSYS Workbench GUI > Help > ANSYS Workbench Help
  • From ANSYS Mechanical GUI > Help > Mechanical Help
  • From Windows Start > All Programs > ANSYS 19.1 > ANSYS Help 19.1
  • Every Workbench application has a similar Help menu process that provides access to the application’s documentation

Online training materials and Tutorials

ANSYS Online Help

Web based documentation and tutorials home for ANSYS products. Students can follow these instructions to activate the online help as the default help system in their ANSYS Student products.

Cornell University Mooc -Learn Engineering Simulation

Free and on-demand MOOC (Massive Online On-demand Class) from Cornell University. Learn how to analyze real-world engineering problems using ANSYS simulation software and gain important professional skills sought by employers. Enroll here.

Training and tutorials available on the web

A large amount of tutorials and resources is just a click away. Some examples of great ANSYS training material and tutorials:

ANSYS Student Community

Have a technical question? Want to discuss an innovative new idea? Join the worldwide community of student ANSYS users! This is a public forum for the benefit of authorized ANSYS Academic product users, allowing the sharing of ideas, and for open discussion on topics that are of interest to the ANSYS academic user base.

Online Webinars

Never hesitate to attend an ANSYS webinar. The schedule is available here.

Follow ANSYS Blog for the latest information

Want to be kept updated on applications of simulations? Webinar available? Etc. Follow the ansys blog at www.ansys-blog.com and subscribe for regular updates

Subscribe to ANSYS TechTips on YouTube


Advanced Training Manuals

Available on http://ansys.license.apsc.ubc.ca